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ENG Assignment 8/28/13

ENG 1500 8/28/13 Assignment




The dominate yet with a slight smile reaching out from the man and women’s lips, the impression in Caravaggo painting was of a man having his palm read by a women. Their eyes locked with deep thought and passion as the women held the man’s right hand with her left as she read his palm with her right. Their eyes completely locked, the body language of the man shows his trust and belief in the women’s finding. Very different from Mary’s painting of herself. As she sits at the wooden bar table by herself her cards of fortune spread out for her reading. Her face displays a very serious look with her lips locked, eyes only looking straight at her cards. She show such deep thought, she seems not to care of her surroundings, as two men from behind her stair with curiosity in wondering maybe what her findings are, maybe why she is alone. The paintings are different from the expressions put off by the character’s face and body language.  In Caravaggo painting you can see the women and the man with a slight smile from the corner of the mouths. As oppose the serious look and determination of Mary as she reads her cards. The tone in each painting are completely opposite.  In the sense of seriousness in Mary’s painting compared to the some what look of pleasure coming from Caravaggo’s painting. Both very powerful paintings in the own way. 


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My name is SGT David A. Fairley, This blog is going to be about my current life as a husband, father of 2 boys, full time student( Pre Nursing), and being a active SGT in the United States Army. I am very excited about sharing theses things that will be going on in my life during this first semester of school. A little back ground on myself to help you understand better of what brought me to this time in my life. I married my high school sweetheart in Oct 2008. That is 5 years after our high school graduation in 2003. I enlisted in the U.S Army in May of 2007. I have worked in retail sales since 2002. Janine my wife and I had our first son Conner on 12/10/2004. Then in 2009, we were blessed with our second child, Tristen on 09/20/2009. The biggest recent change that has happened in our lives was in September 2011,  I lost my job in Chicago as a District Sales Manager for Sprint. We lost everything we had worked so very hard for. Now here we are 2 years later, I am a full time student working part time as a server in a steakhouse. Our lives have forever changed over the last two years. I truly believe all things happen for a reason.

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