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Writing Response: Sex, Lies, and Conversation by Deborah Tannen

I do agree with a lot of what Deborah has to say on the subject of communication between a husband and wife. I can relate to her findings in research of the communication because I have personally experienced most of what she is relating to. I have been married for 5 years now and I have been on the good side of communication in a marriage, and I have been on the BAD side. When I say the bad side, I mean we really didn’t communicate. It was like a chore for us to speak to each other. During this time in my marriage times were the toughest. I was never home, traveling, and working 70hrs a week.  Not giving my wife the communication she needed as Deborah states” it is intimacy is the fabric of relationships, and talk is the thread from which it is women.” Deborah talks how women need to talk about anything with their spouse.  Right now my marriage is the strongest it has ever been, I am home every night and my wife and I talk about our day every night before we go to bed. Communication is one of the most important items in a happy marriage. Once you figure that out,  you will not fail unless other things happen.


I also like how Deborah explains the different ways that the women communicates compared to a man. I feel she was very close if not right on the physical and emotional responses of man and women. This was a good and well put together essay.


Writing Response 9/18/13 Posters for Essay #2


These are the posters I have chosen for my Essay #2 at this time. The reason I chose these two movie posters is because they are both movies from WWII, but both movies are from different sides of the world. Saving Private Ryan is a great film of a mission that a small unit had to accomplish in Europe during WWII. One of my favorite parts of the movie is it starts with the US storming the beaches of Normandy D Day June 6th 1944. While the Windtalkers, is about a story in Japan during the same time period. I am very excited about this assignment, this is my favorite time in history. When you start looking at these posters there is going to be a lot of similarities and differences. As well when you start looking further into the movies as a whole. A cool thing as these movies are not too far apart from the dates they are filmed. We won’t see too many things different like we would if I chose a Batman movie from the 1980’s and compared it to one that is current like Dark Knight. This is going to be a fun essay I look forward to starting my rough draft soon.



Writing Response: September 16th

I do agree with Laird’s assessment of the Internet learning and class room based learning. I feel that her comparisons through out the whole essay where very good. I could picture in my head each description she gave on the two. I was able to put myself in her shoes and the student’s shoes. At one time in my life I started to take a online course and not even a week in I realized it wasn’t for me. I needed to be in a classroom to feel the importance of what I was doing. I needed to see the teacher in person and not chat with someone online to better understand her feelings on a subject or discussion. I like being around other people in the classroom setting. I like this comparison and contrast essay. I now have a better idea what I need for my next essay.

Conner’s Up to Bat for the Giants!

Conner's Up to Bat for the Giants!

This is my slugger Conner #4. On this at bat he had a good eye and walked. Then stole 2nd base. The Giants lost this game but still played hard.

Writing Response: 9/13/13 “The Kiss” or “Love” Sculptures

Both of these sculptures convey love but in different ways. “The kiss” is a sculpture of two people kissing with passion and love, the body language as the women has her arms wrapped around the man. The way their naked bodies face each other to display such a deep kiss is incredible on the way it shows love. The “Love” sculpture displays love in it’s own artistic way of display the word love broken up into a creative way. L is over V and O is at a slant over E.

I feel that by looking deep into the detail of both of these sculptures that “”The Kiss” conveys love more effectively. The reason I feel this way is it displays more than love, but passion sealed with a kiss. Love is not always something that is displayed in physical form. But the sculpture captors in a physical form with a deep kiss, even more so with the body language you can see that it is more than just a kiss. It is true love between a man and women. This sculpture tells a story.

Writting Response: 9/10/13 How is my essay coming along?

Writting Response: 9/10/13 How is my essay coming along?

For the most part I am pleased with how my essay has developed. What I really like is the way I was able to describe the details of the photo. I feel I really reached down deep to use detail and references to other objects to describe a certain detail. Example: “The brass on my uniform was as shinny as a block of untouched gold.” After the readings and lessons we have done in class it has really helped me look deeper into the photo. I feel I did a pretty good job of this throughout the essay. What I don’t like and didn’t realize until Monday’s lesson with professor K, was that my essay got lost! More less in a sense that I described the photo and what event’s took place to bring me to this very moment. The issue was I never really referenced back to the photo much. I also feel that after a couple pages the excitement leaves the essay. It may be a essay of a photo that was taken on my wedding day, but it lags the determination, passion, and the will to never give up. These are some of my traits that I didn’t even explain. When I revise parts of my essay, I will be describing more about my wife’s and my will to succeed. That brought us to this photo. I don’t feel I need to fix too much other than some grammar and other minor errors, it will be a good essay when I am done. Even better I feel it was a good lesson and I learned something about myself.

Writing Response: Type a response to Style and Structure. “Hidden Life of Garbage” by Heather Rogers

Heather starts her essay with a description that can give the reader a picture in their mind to help them understand and relate to the starting process of trash dumping. She uses a very detailed description like her opening sentence, “in the dark and chill of early morning, heavy steel garbage trucks chug and creep along neighborhood collection routes.” If any person has ever woke up between 5 am and 8 am, they have seen their fair share of garbage trucks. With more details of how the trash is loaded in the trucks, she builds up to what happens when the truck is full. ” When the rig is full, the collector heads to a garbage depot called a transfer station” to unload.  This is what gives the reader a chance to see what she is describing before she goes into the next paragraph that poses the question “what happens to all the trash?,  how is it cared for and stored or disposed of? I think it was a very good essay with a good amount of research completed on the whole process. Using Waste Management and the company for the example did really help. Because they are the largest trash company, she is able to give the details on the latest and most advanced systems and tools used today.