Writing Response: 9/13/13 “The Kiss” or “Love” Sculptures

Both of these sculptures convey love but in different ways. “The kiss” is a sculpture of two people kissing with passion and love, the body language as the women has her arms wrapped around the man. The way their naked bodies face each other to display such a deep kiss is incredible on the way it shows love. The “Love” sculpture displays love in it’s own artistic way of display the word love broken up into a creative way. L is over V and O is at a slant over E.

I feel that by looking deep into the detail of both of these sculptures that “”The Kiss” conveys love more effectively. The reason I feel this way is it displays more than love, but passion sealed with a kiss. Love is not always something that is displayed in physical form. But the sculpture captors in a physical form with a deep kiss, even more so with the body language you can see that it is more than just a kiss. It is true love between a man and women. This sculpture tells a story.


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