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Celebrated 5 years married.

This past Friday my wife and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. We did this by getting a 1 night stay in Saint Charles at Ameristar hotel and Casino. When my wife had arrived to our room I already had it set up to set the tone of a nice relaxing night together, no kids, no homework, nothing but her and I. When she entered the room see saw a trail of candles and green rose peddles leading to the nice bath I had made for her. It was surrounded by candles and the tub was full of rose peddles. I had fresh strawberries and chocolate, and wine right next to the tub. I wanted her to feel relaxed after a long week and day before we left for our hunting trip. IT worked!! Janine felt very spoiled and happy. We had dinner that night at Trail Head on 5th street. We did some dancing. Then finished the night watching some movies. It was the first time we ever made time to celebrate our anniversary and man was it worth it!!


Writing Response: Essay 4 Topic

Dear Dr K,

I have no idea where to even start with a topic for this essay. I don’t live on campus, I also don’t socialize with other students. I will have to do some digging or ask some of my fellow classmates for help. I’m not even sure where to start. A lot of the complaints I have heard are now way relevant to give me a 6 page essay. Do you have any suggestions for me on a better way to find a topic? I could also maybe ask some of my fellow veterans if they are having some issues adjusting to going back to school coming off of active duty, and the challenges they may see or feel. Other than that I’m not to sure where to start.  I will be reaching out to you in class or through email this week.


Writing Response: JLD essay on Dove’s Commercial

I think the commercial for Dove was really effective in letting people know they are harder to judge themselves than others. When the stranger commented to the artist on what they saw in the other people it was a night a day difference for each person. I do however agree with JLD on a lot of her points. She makes really good points about the fact that the women in the video that were used were all white, most with blonde hair blue eyes. This is a sign that could be some racist things going on in the selection process. I also agree that the company Dove is portraying a very kind and soothing message here, but as a company they also own the company AXE which uses more of a sexual response about women. I don’t think JLD was too harsh, one of the women describes beauty is in every aspect of life, “it is how we treat our children” this is crazy. No matter what I look like it does not affect the way I treat my kids, so JLD was right to argue this when she was arguing that beauty is not everything.

Writing Response: 10/21/03 Thought’s on Essay 3

I feel good about the start to my essay 3. I really do love the commercial I picked for the argument essay. I have a little bit of work to do on some revision. Mainly I need to revise a few references in paragraphs to stay on topic of my argument. I did start in my rough draft a controversial argument in the 2nd to last paragraph. While it was a good start to the point I wanted to make, after going through class on Monday with a little bit of training on what the controversial paragraph should look like I have a little work to do. I need to wrap up my point, all I did to start the controversial was state what the point I wanted to make was, I didn’t add a argument. In class I was able to write the finishing touches to this paragraph.

Over all I had a good start, a few minor errors, but nothing I can’t fix. I got some good feedback from submitting my rough draft. I feel this is going to be my best essay yet overall. Each essay is getting stronger with the knowledge I am learning.  

When do you know you are doing to much at one time in life?

I am 8 weeks into the first semester back to school. It was been 12 years since my last day of school. During this time I worked good jobs and started a family. So I thought I was busy during those days. I thought I could never be busier than I was running 10 retail locations, managing a top sale team with top manager, raising a family. Well I was wrong!

Going back to school has been one of the biggest challenges I have ever gone through. Not just because academically it’s been tough but all the stress and things that go along with it that I never thought to think of.  Here is what my life looks like now that I am no longer working full time, but going to school full time while my wife works. 

I go to classes Monday, Wed and Fri from 11 to 3pm. But on top of that I got a job with the school that makes those days much longer. I work in the school of nursing library 20 hrs a week. This is good because I get my studies done, and I am now 8am to 3pm on those days. Tues and Thurs I have tutoring for Algebra from 8 to 10am and from 10am to 11am I have Chemistry tutoring, I also get tutoring in Chemistry on Wed at 3pm to 5pm. So as far as school things seem not to be too busy, but then you add other stuff to the week that set it over the top. 

I have been a assistant coach on my son’s baseball team with 2 night games a week and practice on Saturday mornings from 8 to 10am. After practice I have lunch with the family and go to the library to finish and homework I need done by Monday. Then around 4pm I have to go to my serving job at a steakhouse and work til 10pm. Depending on my work schedule Sunday’s are now the only days I get to sleep in til about 9am then I  spend the morning with my wife and kids. If I have homework to do, I go to the library for a couple of hours. Then back home for a little bit before I head into work at 5pm. 

On top of this normal busy week I am still a SGT in the Missouri National Guard, and once a month I have to drive to Kansas City for my weekend drill. If I’m lucky i may get a little time to study but for the most part I am taking care of my soldiers. I have 10 soldiers that follow under me. They keep me pretty busy, making sure they have what they need to complete the mission for that weekend, and making sure when we get released at night they are responsible. 

Twice a month my son is in Boy Scouts and I am one of the den leaders. This so far hasn’t taking too much time from anything. But it’s just getting started and it is the slow season. Soon we will have camping trips and other things I will have to plan for. 

I truly feel blessed for the family support I have to get my degree, and to have such a great wife and kids. I know all the hard work and tough times right now are all going to be worth it in the end. Right now it’s hard to see the end of school, but I will do it.

So yes, right now I am doing too much. I need to continue to figure how to get better at balancing everything out, as long as school continues to come first. Spending this time with the family is something over the years I never really got to do because i was working and never made the time. Now, all my spare time is for them. I have never been happier or busier in my life and I love it.  

Writing Response: Obama “HOPE” poster

The target for campaign was to try something new that had never been done before. The artist was a graffitist and authoritarian skateboard artist. They were clearly going for a different approach from the normal traditional. They wanted to target younger voters that don’t normally vote into thinking there could be HOPE for change in their futures. 

The color scheme was of the red white and blue with Obama’s face looking into the distance. This give me the impression of someone looking into the future and thinking there is some type of HOPE for change. The campaign revolved around HOPE that one day the government could change for the better, and better help and support the people. This poster was effective in making people believe there was some kind of HOPE for change. The design of the poster follows what Obama was trying to capture with his idea’s for the future. 

Chrysler 200 Eminem

This is the commercial from the 2013 Super Bowl that caught some many American’s attention. It is a commercial to show the new Chrysler 200 off to the world. But the crazy thing about this commercial is they barely show the car. They don’t show the price or any specs about the car. The whole 2 minute video is showing where the car is from, what town builds the car. The video is showing clips of the people and their hard working town that builds this car. The point of the commercial is not to show how nice this car is. The purpose of the video is to show you where the car comes from, and who makes it. The perception of Detroit is not a good one for most of America because of the media, but that is addressed in the commercial. I am very excited to write about this advertisement, I think it is a great example of a commercial trying to make a point.