Opeining weekend for Deer, not so good

The weather played a big factor in my adventorous hunt this weekend. It was opening weekend for rifle for deer. But due to the weather,strong winds, thunderstorms and being too warm myself, my mother and step father had no luck yet. We still have a few weeks to get us a deer. The good news this weekend when go hunting it will be much colder. This wll help us to at least have a better chance.

When it is windy out, the deer like to lay down and no move. They could be consisdered nocternal, because they only like to come out at night and sleep during the day, But when it gets colder out, they like to walk around and eat and get water. But this weekend it was not the case. I saw one deer run up right behind me, as he was running and jumping I fired 2 shots. But due to him being so close to me, I didn’t have time to look down my scope to get a good shot. So I just pointed and shot. No Luck. I can still see the look on the deers face as he was running by me, I feel he was smiling knowing that there was a very little chance I was going to hit him. He knew exactly when to run by me, and so he waited til my back was turned before he jumped up. While this was a leasoned learned for me this time. Next time I hope to have a little more luck.



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