Writing Response 11/18/13 Swift /A Modest Proposal

I find this essay disgusting. Selling children for profit and even for a “new dish” for the rich to satisfy their hunger is repulsive. There are many other political ways within a country, even back during this time period to have shelters and orphanages for kids to be raised properly, in turn they children have a better shot of not being a theif, or leave the country to go fight a war for another. Children in any society is the future of that culture.

Even the point where a women (breeder) can sell children when they are first born, and will be rid of any extra charges or taxes if they choose to keep the children after a year is wrong. I couldn’t imagine myself seeing a mother and her children on the streets wearing rags and begging. I know this must have been a very dark time in Ireland, but there had to of been better idea’s and ways to fix some of these issues than what this writer is proposing.

Even the point number six where there would be a inducement to marriage, they only want to do this to grow the fattest and healthiest baby’s for the market. While the wives are pregnant the fathers will be as fond of them as they are their mares in foal, thier cows in calf. This is sickning!!!



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