Overview of 1st Semester back to school

My overview of the first semester was it was not easy. For not being in school for over 10 years I am happy to say I will finish above a 3.5 GPA for the semester. I know I have room for improvement to be closer to a 4.0, but I truly see how hard that is really going to be. I am happy that when I saw myself struggling right away I went and got help. Chemistry and Algebra were the two courses I started having the most trouble with, so I went and got tutors. Now going into finals week, they courses are the ones I have the highest grades in. I went from a D in Algebra to a high B, I went from a low D in Chemistry to A. Overall I studied all the time, I feel I worked harder during this semester than I did when I was a District Sales Manager over 10 retail locations. But I had a very good support line, my wife and parents were all there pushing me to make sure I did well. And even though I have a long road ahead to finish my degree, it will be a rewarding one in the end. I have to keep my eye on the larger picture and listen to the support I have from such a great family. I truly feel blessed!


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