Writing Response: What are my thoughts on my writing this semester

Overall I feel more confident in my writing. I learned useful techniques that will come into play for me later in life. Example using MLA format. Even thought I am a science major and I will be using mainly APA, they are similar and I have a good grasp on how to properly use them. In the first part of the semester we learned how to describe photo’s in great detail so the reader would not have to see the photo, but the words that were used would be able to describe the photo in enough detail that the reader could picture it. This I think was my favorite part of the semester, I have never done any type of writing like that to be descriptive. I enjoyed the essay we wrote on this subject using a personal photo.

This semester really fined tuned my writing. Even though I was not as happy with some of my later grades when I felt my writing was getting better. The grades were properly given. I have no arguments after I read the notes on each essay. I do look forward to our final assignment where we are doing a portfolio over a couple of our essay’s. I already know which essay’s I will be using for this assignment and look forward to having the chance to revision and see the results I come up with. Overall a good class learned a lot enjoyed the teaching methods and assignments. Oh, and of course the blog was fun too. I wish I would have put more time in it and been a little more creative, that is something I will need to work on, my creativity.


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