Writing Response: Portfolio, what essay will I be revising

I will be revising my essay #4. This is the main one I will be revising because there was some better points i could have made for a arguments about Congress needing term limits. A really good point my professor made in her final comments on my final draft was I could have talked about the attendance of Congress being a major factor on their poor performance. I will either take out the part of Obamacare where I was trying to make a point that the issues with Obamacare with Congress helped create the shutdown, or I will revise this part of the essay to the message is more clear. I will also be fine tuning some of my other points to make sure they are all clear as well. 

The other essay I will be looking at the revise will be my 3rd one over a advertisement  I could have been more clear on some of my point about the commercial. I also lost some points due not going over if enough looking for mistakes. This was the essay I felt I did the best on but got the lowest grade. So I will be revisiting this essay and going over the final comments to better improve the quality. 


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