Writting Response 12/3/13

I will be revising my Essay #4. I will be revising my paragraph over Obamacare. I need a better connection on how Obamacare was tied to the shutdown from Congress not coming to a conclusion. The Democrats would not negociate with the Republicans over Obamacare. The Republicans did not want this law to pass. They felt it was not good for the people of the United States. The Republicans even said to the Democrats if you want this Obamacare for everyone so bad and it is so good for the poeple, then why don’t all of the goverment employee’s in Congress also take part in the law. Of course Congress said that their insurance was just fine. Not only do I want to make the point that Congress know’s this is not great insurance, that it is good enough for the people but not them. But Congress’s inability to do their job caused the shut down of the government.

I will also be adding to this essay to talk about the attendence issues with Congress. They are off typically 4 months out of the year. This year they not only had a shutdown, but barely passed any laws. They managed to pass the lowest amount of laws through Congress in over 60 years. All of these points go back to the fact we need term limits for members of Congress and once they serve their term they go home to their state and get a real job! Not sit in D.C for a life time not doing much to help and serve the people fo the United States.


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