Final Web Blog post: How I feel as a Writer

I feel I have fined turned many of my writing skills from basic stuff like puncuation, and grammar to learning how to quote a MLA format in a research paper. I learned about the different types of essays by having the chance to write 4 different types of essays. I had the most trouble with the discriptive essays, learning how to be very detailed in a discription. It was much easier for me to write about either things I knew, or my opinion. In essay 4 I had the chance to write about my politcal views on why I feel Congress should have term limits. It was much easier for me to write about this than essay 2 where we were discrbiing movie posters. Only because I have strong feelings towards essay four.

Overall I feel I have learned a lot but still have a lot to learn. I am a better writer at the end of the semster, but I can only improve with time and experience. I am considering keeping this web blog to help improve and practice on my skills as a writer. I will of course get practice from writing in my other classes, but this will help me on my own time.


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