Getting Ready for opening weekend!!

Getting Ready for opening weekend!!

This weekend 11/16/13 is the opening weekend for Adult Rifle hunters. I have been preparing for a week to be ready for this weekend. My this past weekend I took my new rifle to the range to get some good practice in. Also to make sure my rifle was zeroed with my sights. It’s going to be a good weekend. I am hoping to bring some good deer meat home for the family to enjoy for the winter.


Writing Response Nov 1: Declaration of Sentiments adn Resolutions

I agree with the history that Stanton has placed in this essay of womens rights in the past. I also agree with Stanton that these issues have been resolved. Here is why I feel that way,

Women now can do and have the right to do anything a man does. This is to include, going to college, hold a position in political office(maybe one day a female President). But the list goes on and on. Even jobs that are mainly male such as construction, or road work, the companies are required by law to have a certain percentage of female presents. Now what is not stated in this essay, is this history and changes to history are a reflection here in the United States. There is still other countries all over the world that women still do not have the rights of a man like voting and holding a proper job. But here in the United States these wrongs have been made right. Even so much as women are being able to serve in parts of the military that they have never been allowed. Example like being part of a Infantry unit or working on and submarine. These are just a couple jobs that women have never been allowed to work in because they are female. This is a slow intergration process, and good movie to give a person a better taste of what I am referring to is GI Jane.

I do feel that the wrongs of women’s rights have been made fair and women are now equal to man in the United States.

Writing Response Nov 4th: I want a Wife

All I can say is WOW! I could never imagine a wife like what Brady has described in his essay. But in my life right now I can relate to most of what Brady is saying. It wasn’t until this August when I started school that my wife is the bread winner. For the last 10 years my wife has been the stay at home, maybe work a part time job to get out of the house. But mainly her duty was to raise the kids, take care of the house and me. But life has taken my family down a new path, a path where she is the worker, and I am in school to better our future as a family. Now, with that said, my wife and I do not follow suit with Brady 100%. I do not expect my wife to clean house, do landuary, cook, take care of the kids, take care of me and my needs as a husband sexual or not. In my house we take turns and split the duties. I cook at least 2 to 3 times a week, so when she gets home from work she can relax. We take turns taking the kids to their sporting events, we take turns sleeping in on the weekends. Mainly we BOTH do the house work so the house stays clean. I may be in school full time, but it is still my job as a husband to help with the house work. My wife does just as much if not more work while I’m in school. It is only fair to split the duties.

But most of the time these days, it’s not like what Brady describes. Both parents are noramlly working. Maybe the wife does more of the parenting than the man depending on thier career’s but this is not always the case. The only reason I can relate to this essay in some ways is because it is my current situation in life. But, I do not agree with giving all the duties to the wife and just sitting back while she does everything. To me if this was the case I feel the devoirce rate would be even higher. Brady to me describes a robot of a wife, and while what he describes may be true in some marriages, I can tell that this kind of marriage is not a healthy one.

Celebrated 5 years married.

This past Friday my wife and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary. We did this by getting a 1 night stay in Saint Charles at Ameristar hotel and Casino. When my wife had arrived to our room I already had it set up to set the tone of a nice relaxing night together, no kids, no homework, nothing but her and I. When she entered the room see saw a trail of candles and green rose peddles leading to the nice bath I had made for her. It was surrounded by candles and the tub was full of rose peddles. I had fresh strawberries and chocolate, and wine right next to the tub. I wanted her to feel relaxed after a long week and day before we left for our hunting trip. IT worked!! Janine felt very spoiled and happy. We had dinner that night at Trail Head on 5th street. We did some dancing. Then finished the night watching some movies. It was the first time we ever made time to celebrate our anniversary and man was it worth it!!

Writing Response: Essay 4 Topic

Dear Dr K,

I have no idea where to even start with a topic for this essay. I don’t live on campus, I also don’t socialize with other students. I will have to do some digging or ask some of my fellow classmates for help. I’m not even sure where to start. A lot of the complaints I have heard are now way relevant to give me a 6 page essay. Do you have any suggestions for me on a better way to find a topic? I could also maybe ask some of my fellow veterans if they are having some issues adjusting to going back to school coming off of active duty, and the challenges they may see or feel. Other than that I’m not to sure where to start.  I will be reaching out to you in class or through email this week.


Writing Response: JLD essay on Dove’s Commercial

I think the commercial for Dove was really effective in letting people know they are harder to judge themselves than others. When the stranger commented to the artist on what they saw in the other people it was a night a day difference for each person. I do however agree with JLD on a lot of her points. She makes really good points about the fact that the women in the video that were used were all white, most with blonde hair blue eyes. This is a sign that could be some racist things going on in the selection process. I also agree that the company Dove is portraying a very kind and soothing message here, but as a company they also own the company AXE which uses more of a sexual response about women. I don’t think JLD was too harsh, one of the women describes beauty is in every aspect of life, “it is how we treat our children” this is crazy. No matter what I look like it does not affect the way I treat my kids, so JLD was right to argue this when she was arguing that beauty is not everything.

Writing Response: 10/21/03 Thought’s on Essay 3

I feel good about the start to my essay 3. I really do love the commercial I picked for the argument essay. I have a little bit of work to do on some revision. Mainly I need to revise a few references in paragraphs to stay on topic of my argument. I did start in my rough draft a controversial argument in the 2nd to last paragraph. While it was a good start to the point I wanted to make, after going through class on Monday with a little bit of training on what the controversial paragraph should look like I have a little work to do. I need to wrap up my point, all I did to start the controversial was state what the point I wanted to make was, I didn’t add a argument. In class I was able to write the finishing touches to this paragraph.

Over all I had a good start, a few minor errors, but nothing I can’t fix. I got some good feedback from submitting my rough draft. I feel this is going to be my best essay yet overall. Each essay is getting stronger with the knowledge I am learning.